For British, Irish and Europeans, there seems to be something magical about Asia. Thailand impressively offers a mystical experience, which you would not find in Europe.
Studying in Thailand will enrich your mind and senses, take you on an unforgettable adventure of discovery, both culturally, linguistically and spiritually.
Not only does Bangkok offer you everything that any other major European capital can, but with its shrines, temple complexes, hidden sois, and long tailed boats, Bangkok will mesmerise you to a point where you will not want to leave.


Develop your opportunities by Studying in Thailand and gain a new perspective on the world around you, while you discover yourself in your new surroundings.
Study in Thailand and experience the exciting cultures, traditions as you study in the world’s fastest developing region in a country that is a member of ASEAN. Remember the World is your oyster. So, grab the gauntlet while you can and while you are still young enough.


Studying abroad is an education in itself as one enriches oneself in the thrills and excitement of being in a strange but exciting country.
Studying in Thailand offers you a fantastic array of opportunities. Asia is by far the fastest-growing continent in the world, offering you unique opportunities. Being a native English speaker and holding a degree from some of the World’s most credited universities, will enhance your career chances without having to worry about the burden of chronic debt, which many students studying in th UK will have.
Thailand offers you a contrasting landscape. Bangkok, the capital, is a fast-moving, vibrant metropolis. With all the thrills that one should expect from a country’s capital: Cosmopolitan shopping centres, quaint temple complexes, lively nightclubs and bars – there is something there for everyone, and it is safe and never shuts down. There are tropical islands, coral reefs, and quaint bays that allow you to escape. Thailand has ancient Kingdoms such as Sukhothai, Ayutthaya and Lop buri known for its Monkey temples, where the monkeys out number the tourists and locals by 2 to 1. Whether it is fashionable shopping centres, nightclubs, tranquil setting to ancient temples, Thailand has it all.
Discover the wonders of this land and in doing so discover yourself. By gaining your independence and living and studying abroad, you will learn the skills of having to make decisions for yourself. A discipline which is good to learn early in life.
One thing you should remember, today European students think immensely about education, and they are beginning to reach out to Asia, why? Because the standards are similar to those in the UK and Europe, and it comes at about a quarter of the price. Plus, studying in Asia has never been so attractive and exciting and d&A Access to Asia, is here to help your dreams come true, by ensuring that you start on the right footing.
d&A Access to Asia can confirm your placement quickly, enchanting you on your passage to Thailand.