d&A Access to Asia believes that everyone should be offered the opportunity to reach their potential, by attending university if they so wish, and should be encouraged to do so.
d&A Access to Asia, was set up to encourage an alternative study path from the expensive and elitist ones offered at present, and in our endeavour to do so, we chose Thailand as our location. Why Thailand? Well, it’s just simply beautiful. The Thais are amongst the friendliest people on Earth, the cost of living is cheap, the weather is mostly hot and sunny, and the education system here is near on equivalent to the west.
We at d&A Access to Asia, take education seriously, we are aware that universities offer different strengths and specialise in different disciplines. Our choices of universities have been well researched and have been chosen due to their high standards, compared with the rest of the market place. British and Irish students will expect high standards, and we are determined to offer them that.
If you should have any queries regarding studying in Thailand via d&A Access to Asia, please do not hesitate to contact us directly as we are here to help. We promise we will get back to you within 24 hours.
d&A Access to Asia Co.,Ltd.
Website: www.dandaaa.com
Phone : + 66 (0) 99 5364196

‘ Easing the financial burden of higher education for today’s generation, for tomorrow’s future. ’