Applying to study in Thailand, is easy and quick.
d&A Access to Asia can help you apply to study in Thailand, easily and securely. All we require from you is a copy of your passport and a copy of your transcript of your educational records.
You will not have to wait for ages for the confirmation. We will be able to confirm your study in Thailand within one to two weeks. Then you are all set and you can start to prepare for a fantastic, life-changing experience.
You need to be a minimum of 18 years old, with 2 to 3 A’ levels or equivalent and GCSE in English and mathematics would be desirable.
If you meet the criteria and interested in studying in Thailand, then step up to the challenge. Those that have studied in Thailand before have never regretted it. Many have stayed on in Thailand to seek work, or further their careers by continuing to study in Thailand or another country.
When applying, you need to consider that as well as the tuition fees; you need to cover the following:
• Application fee
• Cost of visa
• Flight
• Accommodation
• General living expenses
By accepting the university programmes of your choice, you agree to commit yourself to institutions rules and regulations, and although far from being stringent, they will require from you a set of criteria for you to abide by. This will probably consist of adhering to the university dress code, turning up on time for lessons. You will be required to study on a number of course to maintain your student visa status. Some universities will insist on you attending a minimum of 80% of your course, as specified by the Ministry of Education. If you decide against these rules, you might find that your student visa gets cancelled.
Deciding where you are going to study is the most important decission for a student. Whichever university you choose, we know you are going to enjoy it, plus you have the bonus that all the universities have been assessed for their quality and their suitability, there are other universities we could have chosen, but for whatever reason, they did not meet with our criteria or standards
Confirmation of your acceptance letter.
Once we have submitted your application with the relevant attachments, we will confirm with you your initial acceptance letter within a week to ten days. You will be notified if you have been accepted on the course or not. Then if you are successful you will be required to pay the tuition fees.
In some cases, you will have to pay your chosen university in full for the first full year (Sripatum University), while on the other hand you will only be required to pay 30% of the first semester, with the remaining 70% to be paid prior to the semester starting once you arrive in Thailand (Rangsit University). See individual university for instructions.
If you decide to cancel your programme, this should be carried out one month before your course starts. (See specific points relating to cancellation with your chosen university).
All the qualifications that you achieve will be recognised worldwide, your personal experiences will be with you for life.
This is a great opportunity for you to see a part of the world that otherwise you might not have seen. d&A Access to Asia, have attempted to simplify this process and keep the costs to a minimum, thus, therefore, reducing the stress and saving you time and money.
While some universities might offer you accommodation, most students in Thailand prefer to rent a condominium. These vary in cost starting from as little as 8,000 baht (£160) per month plus the cost of water and electricity.
Tuition fees
Part or full payment must be made after you have received your acceptance letter, which will instruct you of what you are required to do and when depending upon your university. Tuition fees MUST be sent to the university concerned and NOT to d&A Access to Asia. Once you have carried out your payment, you need to send a copy of your receipt to, or to
Official Acceptance letter
You will be sent a copy of your official acceptance letter or letter of confirmation (depending upon which university you have chosen). It is important that you send us your correct address, so it does not get lost in the post. For Rangsit University, any pending fees can be paid once you have arrived in Thailand.
Student VISA
Once you have received your official acceptance letter from Rangsit University, or a letter of confirmation from Sripatum University, then you can apply for your student visa, your visa should only take a few days, at most a couple of weeks to complete.