Conditions for applying to d&A International
The applicant must be at least 18 years old. Potential students must have a good command in English and mathematics and relevant A’ Levels or equivalent as required for entry level, or waiting to receive results. There will be a cut of period for those wishing to apply. This limited period is in accordance with the host university. d&A Access to Asia, will not provide travel arrangements. Therefore, students are responsible for arranging all their travel arrangements. However, in most cases the host university will assist in organising pick-up service from the airport via a booking in advance.
d&A Access to Asia, will not arrange student accommodation. Students are responsible for finding their accommodation. Your host university will be able to assist you by offering you a number of options including campus accomodation to start off with. However, most students eventually decide after arriving to organise their own. accomodation.
The role of the host university
The host university is responsible for enrollment, lecturing, assessing students and the final process of evaluating the final grades.
The contract is between you (the applicant) and d&A Access to Asia, it is binding once d&A Access to Asia has received your application along with the necessary documents.
Your university reserves the right to modify the programme and fees during the application period, but you will be notified of this in due course.
If you do not submit your application and the required documents by the given deadline, your university reserves the right to cancel your placement.
You must send your correct email address and notification of your home address to d&A Access to Asia. d&A Access to Asia is not responsible for the unsuccessful delivery of documents due to errors on your part, or for reasons that are out of d&A Access to Asia’s control.
The host university will only prepare one acceptance letter per student. d&A Access to Asia will do its utmost to ensure that all documents arrive successfully.
It is the student’s responsibility to abide by the rules of the host university. Students in Thailand are expected to attend 80% of their lectures, as stipulated by the Thai Ministry of Education. If a student decides not to attend classes, they may face having their student status being revoked, which would mean that you would have to leave the country under the terms of student status agreement within 24 hours.
As far as national holidays go, Thailand has many of them, far more than what the UK and Ireland have. There is only June, September and November where there are no designated holidays.
Please note if you wish to leave Thailand, you will need to get a return visa stamped in your passport. Your university will be able to help you with this. If you fail to get a return visa, you will receive a stiff penalty and a lot of inconvenience.
If you arrive late to your host university, you must notify d&A Access to Asia of the reasons. Students who arrive late may still be accepted onto the programme. We advise you to either communicate in advance to us (d&A Access to Asia) or notify the university in question. Be certain that we know what your intentions are, so at least we can help. Do not leave it to the last minute to notify us.
Cancelling your course is possible, but it has to be in writing or by email. It is at the discretion of each individual university upon how they treat this. Please see your chosen university as regarding their cancellation procedure.
Students who apply to a multitude of d&A Access to Asia host universities must pay the application fees for processing.
If the student breaks the law in the host country of the university or indeed that of a neighbouring country, it will be up to yourself to sort this problem out. d&A Access to Asia will not take any responsibility.
d&A Access to Asia, reserves the right to modify, change any particular element to the programme and fees, once the contract has been initiated between student and ourselves.
If you should endure any additional charges, you will be notified by d&A Access to Asia in advance.
d&A Access to Asia is not liable for any typo errors.
d&A Access to Asia reserves the right to change contract conditions and information relating to your host university. You will be notified of any changes that might be binding to you in due course.
d&A Access to Asia, will not be held liable for aspects of your travel arrangements or duration of stay in your host country such as: missing your flight, industrial action, civil unrest, civil war, or anything else of which d&A Access to Asia has no control over.